Chris and I would like to thank Ryan Livingston for building us such a wonderful home. We have been our home for almost six years we are still just as happy as the day we moved in. You built us a solid, quality home that will stand up to our active lifestyle. We remember one of the sub-contractors saying to us “Wow haven’t seen a house this square in a long time if ever.” As you know a builder’s sub contractors can make or break the experience. We are here to tell you that Ryan has High Quality Workmanship personally, and has managed to recruit subcontractors with the same ethic and quality. When people ask us if we would do it all over again … Our answer is yes; only if Ryan builds it for us. Thanks again,

Chris and Kris Piotrowicz

I bought an old foreclosure home in the city of Grand Haven about 3 years ago and hired Livingston Homes as the builder to do the renovations for me. The home I purchased was built in the 1920’s originally, and over the years had been very poorly renovated and even more poorly maintained. It was in such bad shape I was amazed the city hadn’t condemned the structure up to that point, and I wasn’t sure it was even salvageable. Ryan was able to come in, assess the situation thoroughly, and develop a plan with me to make the home structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing, as well as fit in the budget I was working with. Ryan was very informative during the whole consulting and building process and made me feel very comfortable. He explained each phase of construction, he kept me up to date on how and why things were being done, and answered all of my questions. Ryan was very meticulous in his work. He worked tirelessly and used quality materials, making sure every aspect of construction was done accurately and properly. He worked on my home as if it were his own, and in the end the finished product came out better than I could have ever imagined. If you are looking to build your first home, your dream home, or if you are thinking of renovating your existing home, I would HIGHLY recommend Ryan Livingston of Livingston Homes of West Michigan.

Ryan Bagalay

I would like to give you our most heartfelt thanks for everything you have done for us. You and your crew built us the most beautiful house and we just appreciate it so much. Even though the fire was so devastating to us, you did everything you could to keep us up to date and communicated with us through the whole process to lessen our worries. It made it easier knowing you understood the process with the insurance because we felt totally lost.  Not only did we end up with a beautiful home, we have so much more square footage, completely modern, and very efficient to heat. As I said we are so grateful and would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone else that needs a home. Thank you!

Wayne VanderZwaag